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Last Minute Irritant

February 24, 2010

Is there anyone else out there who gets irritated by last minute things?

Whether it’s being told something of high importance LAST MINUTE?

Or someone showing up at your home or work place to notify you of something LAST MINUTE?

Last minute plans?

I mean…I’m a Sagittarius so naturally I love spontaneous things and thrilling experiences…but when it comes to everyday life and the technical things, business, and basically, prioritized aspects of life…I prefer to know something a bit before hand!

Yet some people, that’s all their lives consist of are “last minute things.” So I guess while I have this “last minute irritant” for others it’s just their way of life. If not something they just feel they can’t control, so they don’t even try.

Next time someone tries to approach me with something last minute, I’m gonna cut them off, look at the time, and let them know their on their last minute to talk to me. Lol.

Anyone have any other pet peeves surrounding daily life and other people?


I Get Bored Too Quickly

February 23, 2010

I Get Bored Too Quickly by Micoláii-Yomaris July 9, 2009

I get bored too quickly.

Yes… he can be cute, sexy, handsome, fine,

Or not even quite so facially divine.

It’s.. the personality I go for, most of all.

See, I got it, too.

I’m hardly shallow or superficial,

But with interest piqued

I’m grown and still playing hide & seek.

Hiding my alternative romantic ambitions,

constantly seeking someone new to meet.

Then again, not really hiding, because I don’t expect

to desire someone else’s conversation,


flirtatious gazes,

it just happens.

I momentarily forget the part you’re supposed to play.

You mean something to me.

But not enough for me to get to know you fully.

There’s no time.

You shall not keep me.

It’s simple. I get bored too quickly.

No, I’m not on a pedestal above you unless you placed me there.

And I did not ask, i do not care.

Soft caresses exchanged give you a permanent feel.

Yet, I’m numb to what’s beyond it,

My passion for you temporar

E-rasing notions & ideas for futuristic loving

With my natural tendency to ignore;

Long-term planning.

I see you in the now,

And I see him later,

On down the line when thoughts of you seem

Like they never existed.

Only memories of when you so desperately



I try harder,

To want you.

Aspire to love you.

But that I cannot do so easily.

I get bored too quickly.

One minute I like half of everything about you,

The next, you’re wondering why an entire week has passed,

You without me.

Hoping my receptivity is not subdued,

By some dude. Who be not you. You not he.

That’s just me.

I don’t try to hurt them ALL,

That’s not my intention.

And I don’t give up the goods to just anyone,

Unless goods means the consistency of my intellectual capacity,

A bit of my emotional & relational capabilities.

We go into this, with me hoping for the best,

And you, convinced this will last.

Me knowing that in the present, you are soon to be my past.

I can’t blame it on the ADD or the OCD,

I don’t really need a man to save me.

You need to save yourself,

From ME.

I make hearts ache, break, and shatter,

And really, I only care enough to put this bad habit

& indifferent attitude engraved behind me, to ask you,

“What’s the matter?”

But I can’t be your problem-solver if I’m the one who’s testing you.

I’m neither a mathmatician nor a love magician but by the time

It all adds up in your head, I will have already subtracted

Myself from this equation, & DISAPPEARED on more than 1 occasion,

Or maybe less than.

Never to return.

I go to learn new tricks,

And form a better liason.

Yup. I get bored too quickly.

You’d do better to keep me as your friend,

That way there’s no need for us pretending,

All your dreams of us painfully diminish,

And almost as soon as we started,

I’m finished.

I get bored too quickly.

Father & Son .vs. Fatherson

February 23, 2010

Hola a todo’,

‘Tis I, again! Today, or actually, this evening since I awoke pretty late…my husband Rambón comes back into our “guest” room to get a cigarette. He’s smoked 3 (so he says, although more seems to be missing) from our pack during my slumber. Now, typically we share a cig, however we haven’t been smoking them for about 3 weeks, 2 of which I was horribly ill for reasons that do not coincide with my bad nicotine habit. (I swear I can quit cold turkey at anytime, I’ve done it in the past but lo and behold, here I am smoking again..only every now and then do i buy a pack.) I nag at Rambón & then give in by telling him where I moved them lol so he can get one. He goes back into the dining room to play on his PS3 while his primo watches. He then comes back in to use the lighter I have and returns to his gaming. THEN, he comes back in “just to let me know” his son MAY be coming over for a while, which is perfectly fine by me. However, I’m already irritated at this point and have told this guy numerous times not to “let me know” anything last minute. It’s rude to me, because that person obviously didn’t take these things into account about me, yet he KNOWS this about me. So I asked him, “How long have you known this, sweetie?”
He goes, ” ‘Bout an hour.”
“And you didn’t tell me this the first time you came in here…”(he just looks-and I don’t give him time to answer) “Ok, bye.” *waves hand for him to dismiss himself*

It goes deeper than just telling ME things last minute. I got on him the other day to not allow his “baby’s mother” to just DECIDE she’s going to drop his son off last minute, after she’s already called Rambón’s mamá and other friends and family to watch him so she can “go out clubbin”. If anything, had she asked Rambón first, those hours ago that she was asking everyone else, she would have had her plans secured. Because he needs to spend time with his son. He wants to and needs to. He sees him MAYBE once a week. He loves him to death and enjoys any time he gets to spend with him. I’ve even made him stay off of the PS3 to spend time with him unless they both are on the PS3, because he’s over here so that they CAN spend time together. Simply lying all of his toys out on the floor and turning the t.v. on in the living room, and letting him entertain himself while Rambón plays PS3 vid games is not the ideal “time” spent with his son. Maybe I’m too hard on the situation, but he’s here for that time with his father, not to play around and do activities he could be doing at his mommy’s house or wherever else he goes temporarily. As for me, I’ll continue to be in My Own Little World surfing the web, submitting blog posts, reading, and trying to find other entertainment to cure my boredom. Oh, and smoke cigarettes. =/

Mas Frases*

February 22, 2010

Random Spanish 0ne-liners
( the ‘ or apostrophes that are placed in the pronunciation are to show u where in the word you should put the emphasis or in some cases where the accented sound belongs. To make it easier to comprehend, I may also capitalize some sections of the word.)

Otra vez
(‘OH-trah behs)

Do you speak English?
¿Habla inglés?
(‘AH-blah een-‘GLEHS)

How do you say it?
¿Cómo se dice?
(‘KOH-moh seh ‘DEE-seh)

How do you spell it?
¿Como se deletrea?
(‘KOH-moh seh deh-leh-‘TREH-ah)

I don’t understand!
¡No entiendo!
(noh ehn-tee-‘EHN-doh)

I’m learning Spanish.
Estoy aprendiendo el español.
(eh-‘STOH-ee ah-prehn-dee-‘EHN-doh ehl eh-spah-‘NYOHL)

I speak little Spanish.
Hablo poquito español.
(‘AH-bloh poh-‘KEE-toh ehs-pah-‘NYOHL)

More slowly!
¡Más despacio!
(mahs deh-‘SPAH-see-oh)

Thanks for your patience.
Gracias por su paciencia.
(‘GRAH-see-ahs pohr soo pah-see-‘EHN-see-ah)

What does it mean?
¿Qué significa?
(keh seeg-nee-‘FEE-kah)

Word by word!
¡Palabra por palabra!
(pah-‘lah-brah pohr pah-‘lah-brah)

If you get stuck, don’t be afraid to communicate with hand gestures or facial expressions. And remember, they’re probably having as much trouble understanding you, as you are understanding them!

Spanish is full of common expressions that are used regularly in normal conversations. A lot can be communicated simply by saying a few simple phrases. Interject one of these whenever it is appropriate:

Bless you!


Don’t worry.
No se preocupe.
(noh seh preh-oh-‘koo-peh)

Good idea.
Buena idea.
(‘bweh-nah ee-‘DEH-ah)

Good luck!
¡Buena suerte!
(‘BWEH-nah ‘SWEHR-teh)

Go with God!
¡Vaya con Dios!
(‘bah-yah kohn ‘dee-ohs)

Happy Birthday!
¡Feliz cumpleaños!
(feh-LEES koom-pleh-‘AH-nyohs)

Have a nice day!
¡Que le vaya bien!
(keh leh-‘VAH-yah ‘BEE-ehn)

I see.
Ya veo.
(yah ‘BEH-oh)

I believe so./ I think so.
Creo que sí.
(KREH-oh keh ‘SEE)


More or less.
Más o menos.
(mahs oh ‘MEH-nohs)

Not yet.
Todavía no.
(toh-dah-‘BEE-ah noh)


Right away!
¡En seguida!
(ehn seh-‘GEE-dah)


Take it easy!
¡Cúidese bien!
(‘KWEE-deh-seh ‘BEE-ehn)

That depends.

That’s great!
¡Qué bueno!
(keh ‘BWEH-noh)

(bee-ehn beh-‘NEE-dohs)

What a shame!
¡Qué lástima!
(keh ‘LAH-stee-mah)


Bear in mind that most idiomatic expressions cannot be translated word for word. Therefore, try to memorize each phrase as one long string of individual sounds.

Also, Spanish expressions and words most definitely can differ from region to region. This material is general enough to be understood by most Latinos worldwide. At some point I’ll post something distinctive to Dominicans, Cubans, Panamanians, Chileans, Mexicans, Argentineans, Puerto Ricans, etc. and other countries and islands of Central America, South America, and of course the Caribbean.

S0y y0! -*More 0n Me*-

February 22, 2010

Hey all! So I thought I’d tell a bit more about myself now that I’ve filled my tummy with yummy nutrition-filled Sonic and have a little lax time. That’s short for “relaxation” not laxative. um..yes moving along.

Hmm…where to begin? I’m a proud Sagittarius..December 14. I’m moderately superstitious, whatever that means..let’s just say I follow some things superstitious, while others to me are a bit over-the-top load-of-crappish. Yes, I am expert enough to pick-and-choose. I am the daughter of a beautiful, independent-minded, successful, PHD-toting Dominican woman. Who at the same time, is black, and is proud of such. Yes, by no means is she what is perceived world-wide to be your “typical Dominican.” keyword: perceived. My maternal side of the family are actually more conscious and open to the world and diversity (cultural, racial, and otherwise). For this, I thank them. I appreciate my lack of ignorance that was passed down. And oddly enouh, i found out several months back from my Mamucha and mi tío, that some of our ancestry comes from the Cherokee Nation and are on the rolls. I mean, some of my cousins are half Cherokee from their mother’s side but we’re talking about OUR Dominican side, my tío, their dad. I’m rambling now pero you will get used to it. Yo lo sé! By the way, I have 6 hermanos, 1 older hermana who is a successful peluquería (beauty/hair salon) owner by the name of Poetry but I call her sis or Poemz and she’s the only one I let touch my hair with a few past exceptions during hairmergencies! 17 nieces and nephews, although 2 are technically my God-children. 3 abuelas, a LOAD of uncles, a few tías, and a vast array of colorful primos y primas. Back to mu parents. I love my Mamucha..she is an EXTREMELY strong woman, te lo juro. Gorgeous dark brown slanty eyes, milk chocolate skin, short dark hair, about 5’6″ with maybe a half somewhere in there. Full lips, glasses, and a sense of style all her own, although she enjoys dressing down more often since she works from home. She is a professor for online classes with Phoenix University now. I don’t know much about this new job as of yet, but her lessons have included Latin American Diversity & Culture from the little I had the chance to read. I’m sure that’s not even the half of it. She’s a phenomenal writer & poet as well and has had some of her work published, even back before I was born and as a wee little tot. I get my skills from her, and no, i dare not toot my own horn, anyone who’s known me for any worthy length of time, knows I’m an undercover nerd, i love reading & writing, art, music, and occasionally I’ll draw somethin’ up! But I said undercover nerd because that might not be your first impression. I’m pretty urban and laidback, silly & goofy, fiery & fierce…my last job working with K-12 as a recruiter within AmeriCorps…i worked through a non-profit grassroots youth organization, that I, too, had grown up attending & participating in when i was younger. We got paid through AC to volunteer & contribute to the community, but I would have done it for free (Y claro qué sí still had a job! ) Some of my coworkers thought up the nickname Freckled Fury. Lol. I loved it so I’ve made it into a screenname on a few sits since then! Rambling again…sooo…
My papá…he used to be in the military,(there are/were a lot of military heads in my family on both sides, and ironically I’m in the long process of joining the Navy.) i was born in MA in 1985(yes, that was a sly way to make you connect the dots to my age, as opposed to just telling you!), moved to the Midwest soon after, and have been raised here ever since, although i did live in Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX for a year and loved it.. Anyway, mi papito ..He is half Cuban & half Panamanian. A mulatto, almost white man, from a distance that is the assumption. I lived with him for my sophmore year in H.S. (we drove each other crazy, and although back then, my mami and I had our BIIIG differences, I am definitely a mami’s girl! Love them both with all of mi corazonsito. He has a very different look to him, unlike the rest of his side of the family. Greenish-honey eyes that change with the weather and his emotions. Red hair but kept so short, all you see is head! Freckles all over, very olive skin…red eyes often which he passed down to me so to keep that tamed I’ve had to keep Visine and/or Clear Eyes on my person for MOST of my life. so..with the union (past & gone) of these 2 wonderful people, sprung forth Yours Truly! Yomi. =) I’ll get into siblings and other things later as I get used to this new bloggito! My next post I will get into my fiancé, whom I call Rambo, and in positively heated moments, Rambón. Lol. Between Thanksgiving & Christmas in ’09, we went to lunch with Mamucha & Papa Bear (my step-father) and he asked for their permission and bendiciones to gave my hand in marriage. Very old school, traditional way of doing it but I appreciate and adore him for the way he did it. We’re traditional in the sense that we don’t believe in getting a divorce so we KNOW for sure we’re making the right move…people nowadays take marriage lightly, it’s as if they get married & divorced like it’s merely changing their underwear or getting a paint job on a vehicle! We know we’re growing old together. Lo sabemos…but I realize this one post alone has gotten pretty lengthy so I’ll cut it short from here. Besitos y un abrazote muy fuerte to any readers I may have already acquired! (hopefully) Cia0 for n0w! Muaaaaaaakiss!

Alone, My Tears by Micoláii-Yomaris; 08/29/09

February 21, 2010

Alone, My Tears by Micoláii-Yomaris written Aug. 29, 2009 3 a.m.

At times I want to cry to SOMEONE ..

but the tears that are so deeply melded into the trenches of my


are too picky.

So they’d rather make their appearances alone.

And those that call for me..

They attempt to hold a special place

for me to divulge

my emotions, express my repulsion towards the suffering they’ve

possibly assisted me in enduring.

Only sure to receive what little,

if any,

I give them before I curse the phone.

Restricted tone.

Empty alch bottles. Swisher guts unused.

What one quickly scurries to when the fire and blades

of a torturous struggle bombard their way into

the everyday of a life…lived unborn.

Alive and still. I wake up and feel better,

but with a fleeting realization that none of the pain


and what’s worse is, after running towards

the darkness of that comfort,

I am back in good light and feel more torn than before.

More sober and forlorn.

Death refuses m


I thank it.

so the pain i must bear.

Numb to numbness.

I falter at the reality that i register no pain

and it hurts.

Because that’s all I feel.

That’s all I don’t.

They won’t see it.

My strength is my weakness.

The four walls I am in, here, oblivious to such width,

form a crawlspace.

And the air I breathe when I give in and release

into the world where they are..

have only elevated me to the very next level


I closely plummet.

And yet they look up to me.

Their faces.

While I imagine that what pours

from internally

crashes harshly into the frontal whole of them.

O woe

to inhale my weepings;

a tsunami of my convictions reaping,

so there they drown.

It’s fair they drown.

I awake from my dream of their despair,

and meekly confront what is and was always there,

reality sets in of the nightmare.

I can’t share.

I retreat,

because my emotions ask that of m


How will they come out otherwise?

I shan’t reject them.

Alone here, I trust.

I must.

So alone, i greet my tears.

my first post- español

February 21, 2010

Hey all! My name is Micoláii-Yomaris. Last name not necessary but you all may call me Yomi (short for Yomaris). I don’t want to get too far into things about myself because i’ll go on and on like the alleged long-lasting length of a Duracell battery. I will save that for future posts. I made this blog on a whim but had been wanting to start one for a while. What I want to post right now are some helpful Spanish phrases (and maybe some vocab in the next post) for those who could benefit from them. They’re pretty randomized. I will give 2 swapped versions of the phrase *check vital info below* So here goes…

(vital info: i will also get into direct object pronouns, indirect object pronouns, and reflexive object pronouns at a later date but they ARE being used in these phrases.)

°Quiero decírtelo./ Te lo quiero decir. – I want to tell it to you.

°Quiero comprártela./ Te la quiero comprar. – I want to buy it (f.) for you.

°Tu tienes quedármelo./ Me lo tienes quedar. – You have to give it to me.

°Tenemos que vendérselo./ Se lo tenemos que vender. – We have to sell it to her.

°Deben comprártelas./ Te las deben comprar. -They should buy them (f.) for you.

°Deben comprárselo./ Se lo deben comprar. – They should buy it for themselves.

°Necesita enviármela./ Me la necesita enviar. – She needs to send it (f.) to me.

°Ustedes tienen que dárnosla./ Nos la tienen que dar. -You (pl. form) have to give it (f.) to us.

° Debo traérselo./ Se lo debo traer. – I should bring it to them.

°Deben traermelas./ Me las deben traer. – They should bring them (f.) to me.

° Ella quiere cantárnosla./ Nos la quiere cantar. – She wants to sing it (f.) for us.

°Puedes enviármelo por correo./ Me lo puedes enviar por correo. – You can send it to me by mail.

°¿Puedes hacérmelo?/ ¿Me lo puedes hacer? – Can you do it for me?

°No, no puedo hacértelo./ No, no te lo puedo hacer. – No, I can’t do it for you.

°No necesitas pagármelo ahora./ No me lo necesitas pagar ahora. – You don’t need to pay me for it now.

°¿No vas a traérnoslo hoy?/ ¿No nos lo vas a traer hoy? – Aren’t you going to bring it to us today?

I have plenty more, but that’s all for tonight! I hope it was helpful, even if just a little. Cia0 for n0w!

Hello world!

February 21, 2010

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!