my first post- español

Hey all! My name is Micoláii-Yomaris. Last name not necessary but you all may call me Yomi (short for Yomaris). I don’t want to get too far into things about myself because i’ll go on and on like the alleged long-lasting length of a Duracell battery. I will save that for future posts. I made this blog on a whim but had been wanting to start one for a while. What I want to post right now are some helpful Spanish phrases (and maybe some vocab in the next post) for those who could benefit from them. They’re pretty randomized. I will give 2 swapped versions of the phrase *check vital info below* So here goes…

(vital info: i will also get into direct object pronouns, indirect object pronouns, and reflexive object pronouns at a later date but they ARE being used in these phrases.)

°Quiero decírtelo./ Te lo quiero decir. – I want to tell it to you.

°Quiero comprártela./ Te la quiero comprar. – I want to buy it (f.) for you.

°Tu tienes quedármelo./ Me lo tienes quedar. – You have to give it to me.

°Tenemos que vendérselo./ Se lo tenemos que vender. – We have to sell it to her.

°Deben comprártelas./ Te las deben comprar. -They should buy them (f.) for you.

°Deben comprárselo./ Se lo deben comprar. – They should buy it for themselves.

°Necesita enviármela./ Me la necesita enviar. – She needs to send it (f.) to me.

°Ustedes tienen que dárnosla./ Nos la tienen que dar. -You (pl. form) have to give it (f.) to us.

° Debo traérselo./ Se lo debo traer. – I should bring it to them.

°Deben traermelas./ Me las deben traer. – They should bring them (f.) to me.

° Ella quiere cantárnosla./ Nos la quiere cantar. – She wants to sing it (f.) for us.

°Puedes enviármelo por correo./ Me lo puedes enviar por correo. – You can send it to me by mail.

°¿Puedes hacérmelo?/ ¿Me lo puedes hacer? – Can you do it for me?

°No, no puedo hacértelo./ No, no te lo puedo hacer. – No, I can’t do it for you.

°No necesitas pagármelo ahora./ No me lo necesitas pagar ahora. – You don’t need to pay me for it now.

°¿No vas a traérnoslo hoy?/ ¿No nos lo vas a traer hoy? – Aren’t you going to bring it to us today?

I have plenty more, but that’s all for tonight! I hope it was helpful, even if just a little. Cia0 for n0w!


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