Mas Frases*

Random Spanish 0ne-liners
( the ‘ or apostrophes that are placed in the pronunciation are to show u where in the word you should put the emphasis or in some cases where the accented sound belongs. To make it easier to comprehend, I may also capitalize some sections of the word.)

Otra vez
(‘OH-trah behs)

Do you speak English?
¿Habla inglés?
(‘AH-blah een-‘GLEHS)

How do you say it?
¿Cómo se dice?
(‘KOH-moh seh ‘DEE-seh)

How do you spell it?
¿Como se deletrea?
(‘KOH-moh seh deh-leh-‘TREH-ah)

I don’t understand!
¡No entiendo!
(noh ehn-tee-‘EHN-doh)

I’m learning Spanish.
Estoy aprendiendo el español.
(eh-‘STOH-ee ah-prehn-dee-‘EHN-doh ehl eh-spah-‘NYOHL)

I speak little Spanish.
Hablo poquito español.
(‘AH-bloh poh-‘KEE-toh ehs-pah-‘NYOHL)

More slowly!
¡Más despacio!
(mahs deh-‘SPAH-see-oh)

Thanks for your patience.
Gracias por su paciencia.
(‘GRAH-see-ahs pohr soo pah-see-‘EHN-see-ah)

What does it mean?
¿Qué significa?
(keh seeg-nee-‘FEE-kah)

Word by word!
¡Palabra por palabra!
(pah-‘lah-brah pohr pah-‘lah-brah)

If you get stuck, don’t be afraid to communicate with hand gestures or facial expressions. And remember, they’re probably having as much trouble understanding you, as you are understanding them!

Spanish is full of common expressions that are used regularly in normal conversations. A lot can be communicated simply by saying a few simple phrases. Interject one of these whenever it is appropriate:

Bless you!


Don’t worry.
No se preocupe.
(noh seh preh-oh-‘koo-peh)

Good idea.
Buena idea.
(‘bweh-nah ee-‘DEH-ah)

Good luck!
¡Buena suerte!
(‘BWEH-nah ‘SWEHR-teh)

Go with God!
¡Vaya con Dios!
(‘bah-yah kohn ‘dee-ohs)

Happy Birthday!
¡Feliz cumpleaños!
(feh-LEES koom-pleh-‘AH-nyohs)

Have a nice day!
¡Que le vaya bien!
(keh leh-‘VAH-yah ‘BEE-ehn)

I see.
Ya veo.
(yah ‘BEH-oh)

I believe so./ I think so.
Creo que sí.
(KREH-oh keh ‘SEE)


More or less.
Más o menos.
(mahs oh ‘MEH-nohs)

Not yet.
Todavía no.
(toh-dah-‘BEE-ah noh)


Right away!
¡En seguida!
(ehn seh-‘GEE-dah)


Take it easy!
¡Cúidese bien!
(‘KWEE-deh-seh ‘BEE-ehn)

That depends.

That’s great!
¡Qué bueno!
(keh ‘BWEH-noh)

(bee-ehn beh-‘NEE-dohs)

What a shame!
¡Qué lástima!
(keh ‘LAH-stee-mah)


Bear in mind that most idiomatic expressions cannot be translated word for word. Therefore, try to memorize each phrase as one long string of individual sounds.

Also, Spanish expressions and words most definitely can differ from region to region. This material is general enough to be understood by most Latinos worldwide. At some point I’ll post something distinctive to Dominicans, Cubans, Panamanians, Chileans, Mexicans, Argentineans, Puerto Ricans, etc. and other countries and islands of Central America, South America, and of course the Caribbean.


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  1. Sundjata Says:

    I love this! My coworker is always yelling “juevos,” and he can’t explain it well in English.

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