S0y y0! -*More 0n Me*-

Hey all! So I thought I’d tell a bit more about myself now that I’ve filled my tummy with yummy nutrition-filled Sonic and have a little lax time. That’s short for “relaxation” not laxative. um..yes moving along.

Hmm…where to begin? I’m a proud Sagittarius..December 14. I’m moderately superstitious, whatever that means..let’s just say I follow some things superstitious, while others to me are a bit over-the-top load-of-crappish. Yes, I am expert enough to pick-and-choose. I am the daughter of a beautiful, independent-minded, successful, PHD-toting Dominican woman. Who at the same time, is black, and is proud of such. Yes, by no means is she what is perceived world-wide to be your “typical Dominican.” keyword: perceived. My maternal side of the family are actually more conscious and open to the world and diversity (cultural, racial, and otherwise). For this, I thank them. I appreciate my lack of ignorance that was passed down. And oddly enouh, i found out several months back from my Mamucha and mi tío, that some of our ancestry comes from the Cherokee Nation and are on the rolls. I mean, some of my cousins are half Cherokee from their mother’s side but we’re talking about OUR Dominican side, my tío, their dad. I’m rambling now pero you will get used to it. Yo lo sé! By the way, I have 6 hermanos, 1 older hermana who is a successful peluquería (beauty/hair salon) owner by the name of Poetry but I call her sis or Poemz and she’s the only one I let touch my hair with a few past exceptions during hairmergencies! 17 nieces and nephews, although 2 are technically my God-children. 3 abuelas, a LOAD of uncles, a few tías, and a vast array of colorful primos y primas. Back to mu parents. I love my Mamucha..she is an EXTREMELY strong woman, te lo juro. Gorgeous dark brown slanty eyes, milk chocolate skin, short dark hair, about 5’6″ with maybe a half somewhere in there. Full lips, glasses, and a sense of style all her own, although she enjoys dressing down more often since she works from home. She is a professor for online classes with Phoenix University now. I don’t know much about this new job as of yet, but her lessons have included Latin American Diversity & Culture from the little I had the chance to read. I’m sure that’s not even the half of it. She’s a phenomenal writer & poet as well and has had some of her work published, even back before I was born and as a wee little tot. I get my skills from her, and no, i dare not toot my own horn, anyone who’s known me for any worthy length of time, knows I’m an undercover nerd, i love reading & writing, art, music, and occasionally I’ll draw somethin’ up! But I said undercover nerd because that might not be your first impression. I’m pretty urban and laidback, silly & goofy, fiery & fierce…my last job working with K-12 as a recruiter within AmeriCorps…i worked through a non-profit grassroots youth organization, that I, too, had grown up attending & participating in when i was younger. We got paid through AC to volunteer & contribute to the community, but I would have done it for free (Y claro qué sí still had a job! ) Some of my coworkers thought up the nickname Freckled Fury. Lol. I loved it so I’ve made it into a screenname on a few sits since then! Rambling again…sooo…
My papá…he used to be in the military,(there are/were a lot of military heads in my family on both sides, and ironically I’m in the long process of joining the Navy.) i was born in MA in 1985(yes, that was a sly way to make you connect the dots to my age, as opposed to just telling you!), moved to the Midwest soon after, and have been raised here ever since, although i did live in Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX for a year and loved it.. Anyway, mi papito ..He is half Cuban & half Panamanian. A mulatto, almost white man, from a distance that is the assumption. I lived with him for my sophmore year in H.S. (we drove each other crazy, and although back then, my mami and I had our BIIIG differences, I am definitely a mami’s girl! Love them both with all of mi corazonsito. He has a very different look to him, unlike the rest of his side of the family. Greenish-honey eyes that change with the weather and his emotions. Red hair but kept so short, all you see is head! Freckles all over, very olive skin…red eyes often which he passed down to me so to keep that tamed I’ve had to keep Visine and/or Clear Eyes on my person for MOST of my life. so..with the union (past & gone) of these 2 wonderful people, sprung forth Yours Truly! Yomi. =) I’ll get into siblings and other things later as I get used to this new bloggito! My next post I will get into my fiancé, whom I call Rambo, and in positively heated moments, Rambón. Lol. Between Thanksgiving & Christmas in ’09, we went to lunch with Mamucha & Papa Bear (my step-father) and he asked for their permission and bendiciones to gave my hand in marriage. Very old school, traditional way of doing it but I appreciate and adore him for the way he did it. We’re traditional in the sense that we don’t believe in getting a divorce so we KNOW for sure we’re making the right move…people nowadays take marriage lightly, it’s as if they get married & divorced like it’s merely changing their underwear or getting a paint job on a vehicle! We know we’re growing old together. Lo sabemos…but I realize this one post alone has gotten pretty lengthy so I’ll cut it short from here. Besitos y un abrazote muy fuerte to any readers I may have already acquired! (hopefully) Cia0 for n0w! Muaaaaaaakiss!


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