Father & Son .vs. Fatherson

Hola a todo’,

‘Tis I, again! Today, or actually, this evening since I awoke pretty late…my husband Rambón comes back into our “guest” room to get a cigarette. He’s smoked 3 (so he says, although more seems to be missing) from our pack during my slumber. Now, typically we share a cig, however we haven’t been smoking them for about 3 weeks, 2 of which I was horribly ill for reasons that do not coincide with my bad nicotine habit. (I swear I can quit cold turkey at anytime, I’ve done it in the past but lo and behold, here I am smoking again..only every now and then do i buy a pack.) I nag at Rambón & then give in by telling him where I moved them lol so he can get one. He goes back into the dining room to play on his PS3 while his primo watches. He then comes back in to use the lighter I have and returns to his gaming. THEN, he comes back in “just to let me know” his son MAY be coming over for a while, which is perfectly fine by me. However, I’m already irritated at this point and have told this guy numerous times not to “let me know” anything last minute. It’s rude to me, because that person obviously didn’t take these things into account about me, yet he KNOWS this about me. So I asked him, “How long have you known this, sweetie?”
He goes, ” ‘Bout an hour.”
“And you didn’t tell me this the first time you came in here…”(he just looks-and I don’t give him time to answer) “Ok, bye.” *waves hand for him to dismiss himself*

It goes deeper than just telling ME things last minute. I got on him the other day to not allow his “baby’s mother” to just DECIDE she’s going to drop his son off last minute, after she’s already called Rambón’s mamá and other friends and family to watch him so she can “go out clubbin”. If anything, had she asked Rambón first, those hours ago that she was asking everyone else, she would have had her plans secured. Because he needs to spend time with his son. He wants to and needs to. He sees him MAYBE once a week. He loves him to death and enjoys any time he gets to spend with him. I’ve even made him stay off of the PS3 to spend time with him unless they both are on the PS3, because he’s over here so that they CAN spend time together. Simply lying all of his toys out on the floor and turning the t.v. on in the living room, and letting him entertain himself while Rambón plays PS3 vid games is not the ideal “time” spent with his son. Maybe I’m too hard on the situation, but he’s here for that time with his father, not to play around and do activities he could be doing at his mommy’s house or wherever else he goes temporarily. As for me, I’ll continue to be in My Own Little World surfing the web, submitting blog posts, reading, and trying to find other entertainment to cure my boredom. Oh, and smoke cigarettes. =/


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