I Get Bored Too Quickly

I Get Bored Too Quickly by Micoláii-Yomaris July 9, 2009

I get bored too quickly.

Yes… he can be cute, sexy, handsome, fine,

Or not even quite so facially divine.

It’s.. the personality I go for, most of all.

See, I got it, too.

I’m hardly shallow or superficial,

But with interest piqued

I’m grown and still playing hide & seek.

Hiding my alternative romantic ambitions,

constantly seeking someone new to meet.

Then again, not really hiding, because I don’t expect

to desire someone else’s conversation,


flirtatious gazes,

it just happens.

I momentarily forget the part you’re supposed to play.

You mean something to me.

But not enough for me to get to know you fully.

There’s no time.

You shall not keep me.

It’s simple. I get bored too quickly.

No, I’m not on a pedestal above you unless you placed me there.

And I did not ask, i do not care.

Soft caresses exchanged give you a permanent feel.

Yet, I’m numb to what’s beyond it,

My passion for you temporar

E-rasing notions & ideas for futuristic loving

With my natural tendency to ignore;

Long-term planning.

I see you in the now,

And I see him later,

On down the line when thoughts of you seem

Like they never existed.

Only memories of when you so desperately



I try harder,

To want you.

Aspire to love you.

But that I cannot do so easily.

I get bored too quickly.

One minute I like half of everything about you,

The next, you’re wondering why an entire week has passed,

You without me.

Hoping my receptivity is not subdued,

By some dude. Who be not you. You not he.

That’s just me.

I don’t try to hurt them ALL,

That’s not my intention.

And I don’t give up the goods to just anyone,

Unless goods means the consistency of my intellectual capacity,

A bit of my emotional & relational capabilities.

We go into this, with me hoping for the best,

And you, convinced this will last.

Me knowing that in the present, you are soon to be my past.

I can’t blame it on the ADD or the OCD,

I don’t really need a man to save me.

You need to save yourself,

From ME.

I make hearts ache, break, and shatter,

And really, I only care enough to put this bad habit

& indifferent attitude engraved behind me, to ask you,

“What’s the matter?”

But I can’t be your problem-solver if I’m the one who’s testing you.

I’m neither a mathmatician nor a love magician but by the time

It all adds up in your head, I will have already subtracted

Myself from this equation, & DISAPPEARED on more than 1 occasion,

Or maybe less than.

Never to return.

I go to learn new tricks,

And form a better liason.

Yup. I get bored too quickly.

You’d do better to keep me as your friend,

That way there’s no need for us pretending,

All your dreams of us painfully diminish,

And almost as soon as we started,

I’m finished.

I get bored too quickly.


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