Last Minute Irritant

Is there anyone else out there who gets irritated by last minute things?

Whether it’s being told something of high importance LAST MINUTE?

Or someone showing up at your home or work place to notify you of something LAST MINUTE?

Last minute plans?

I mean…I’m a Sagittarius so naturally I love spontaneous things and thrilling experiences…but when it comes to everyday life and the technical things, business, and basically, prioritized aspects of life…I prefer to know something a bit before hand!

Yet some people, that’s all their lives consist of are “last minute things.” So I guess while I have this “last minute irritant” for others it’s just their way of life. If not something they just feel they can’t control, so they don’t even try.

Next time someone tries to approach me with something last minute, I’m gonna cut them off, look at the time, and let them know their on their last minute to talk to me. Lol.

Anyone have any other pet peeves surrounding daily life and other people?


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